Tier 3 Fred's Cottons On-line Club (Every 3 Months Postal Goodies plus more includes 1 metre of fabric) UK ONLY CUSTOMERS

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Are you wanting to join the On-line Club and want the digital goodies plus every 3 months a postal goody pack plus much more sent out to you, this tier is for you.

The club is a pay monthly subscription club, where you get the following within your tier. This listing is all about Tier 3 Fred's Cotton's

Tier 3 Fred's Cottons
This is a plan for all the digital content within Facebook Private Fred's Gang Club Group plus every 3 months a goody pack sent in the post Plus much more Read below for more details.
What the tier includes:

  • Every 3 Months when the sewing notion/ bag hardware kit goes out, from tier 2 you will get the same pack but yours will get 1 Metre of Designer fabric (quilt weight cotton, new out or not in stock in the shop fabric. Fabric is picked by Becky and will be 2x half metres and the half metres will be 2 different designs)
  • Your every 3 month pack will have a few extra bits in regrading what is sent for tier 2
  • Free to join the monthly Zoom meets (starting late February 2022) where you can meet other sewers and chat all things sewing.
  • An Invite to the NEW zoom sewing retreat Hold once a year where we will sew 5 hours a day for 2 days over one weekend. This is discount to £20 for this tier and The weekend zoom retreat will cost £30 for none Tier 3 members (1st come 1st served as there will only be 30 zoomers involved in this weekend retreat (if sell out fast another 10 zoomers will be added)). There will be some mini watch and learn workshops in bag making and then it is sewing free time where you sew with friends and your be able to chat with each other ( retreat weekend date August 6 th & 7th 2022) You will also get access to a free digital download pattern (which will be exclusive for 3 months for these zoomers then it will go for general release to the public).
  • Every 3 months (from when you took the subscription out) you will receive either, sewing tool plus sewing notions pack OR Bag hardware pack                                                                                                         (value of each box will have a Retail value of £35+ this is including your extra goodies and 1m fabric(fabric will come as 2x half metres this is an example could be cut differently)) These packs are down to R.j.A.f.Makes to pick and send,so you have a surprise every 3 months.
  • 2x Facebook Lives sessions every month, where Becky Teaches and chats The latest club pattern that they are working on.
  • 1x Pre Recorded video, this could be hints and tips or what is coming up next for RjAf.MAKES
  • The digital download of every patterns/ worksheets
  • Past Digital downloads of patterns and worksheets and past sew along videos (these videos can only be viewed within the group)
  • Your get a free digital download of every general release pattern going forward.
  • Access to products that Becky will not sell on-line to the general public (exclusive pre orders for example cork fabric)
  • Each month Becky will give all members a discount code to shop within the on-line shop (percentage off vary each month)
  • Learn the up and coming adventures before the general public of R.j.A.f.MAKES

You will be Billed every month on the date you took out your subscription at the start.
There will be a Min number of payments before you can Cancel your subscription- Min. months before cancellation is 3 Months

You will receive your 1st box 3 months from when you took your subscription out. If you pause payment for one month and its three months since your last payment your box will be sent out once payment is paid for the month you paused your payment.