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Are you a Loved one who wants to buy a present for a sewer, but not sure what to buy, well buy them R.j.A.f.MAKES  E -Gift card.

They come in £5, £10, £20, £50 & £100 detonations,  You can Mix and match in your basket to make it up to the value your like to gift the person.

E Gift Cards are emailed after you have brought the E Gift card so keep the email safe, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS AND ALWAYS KEEP THE INVOICE YOU BROUGHT THE E GIFT CARD ON, as if there is any problems we can match up the invoice number to the sale. WE WILL NOT LOOK IT UP WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL INVOICE NUMBER.

Please Read the T & C's

  • The gift cards can't be brought with any discount or sale Codes when Originally brought. However when the customer redeems the value of the gift card then they can use it with any discount or sale code to buy the items they want etc
  • They gift cards can not be redeemed for monthly Subscription Club Monthly payment.
  • If there is any problems with redeeming the code message the shop (email is linked at the bottom of the website shop) and we will sort it out. we will need the invoice code (without the invoice number of when the gift card was brought we can not look into this)
  • If you lose your codes we will not look up the codes for you unless you can give us the invoice number they were original brought on.

Any questions before buying please message us etc and we will answer any questions