PAPER PATTERN "Tai Chi Panda" Sewing Pattern

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This is for the PAPER PATTERN BOOKLET VERSION of The Tai Chi Panda Sewing pattern by R.j.A.F.MAKES.

This Listing is NOT for the actual Teddy Bear. This Listing is for the paper pattern booklet of the sewing pattern ONLY.

The Pattern Design

This is Tia Chi Panda. His a 5 jointed soft toy with moving head, arms and legs. His a character that Becky Wanted to bring to you as Becky's has always been into Pandas and loves how soft they look.


Useful Information

The Booklet is A4 with template inside.

An easy to follow pattern with detailed instructions and lots of pictures.

Finished Fox sizes:

14 inch tall

What items you will need to make Foxy Hunter

What you will need.

20 inches by 16 inches White Main Fabric (This will need a little stretch to it)

211 inches by 20 inches Contrast Black Fabric (This will need a little stretch to it)

11 inches by 5 inches Contrast Black Fabric (PU Leather)

4 inches by 4 inches Nose fabric

12 inches by 1 ½ inches of interfacing (can be either iron on or sew in, as we will be using glue to attach)

2x 20mm Teddy Bear Joints (for arms and legs)

3x 35mm Teddy Bear Joint (for the Head)

Polyester Toy Filling

Plastic Toy Weigh Pellets

2x 9mm Safety Eyes


Please DO NOT share this pattern with anyone else its for your own personal use only.

You can make to sell on a small scale from my patterns, however, if you wish to teach from any of my patterns please contact myself beforehand, as then we can come to an agreement.

Why not join my Pattern Support Group on Facebook 'R.j.A.f.MAKES Becky Alexander-Frost Sewing Pattern Support Group'.
Please share your makes and photos within the group as I would love to see your creations.