Maisie and Milo Bear Fabric, Joints and Eye Kit Large 16 Inches Tall - Comes in 4 Colours

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This is the Fabric, joints and eye kit for the 16 inch tall Large Bear- There is 4 colour ways to pick from.

Kit Colours come in-

Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Mint and Grey

1 kit will make one bear

The pattern is sold separately

Here is the link for the digital download-

Here is the link for the A4 Glossy Paper Pattern-

This Listing is NOT for the actual Teddy Bear. This Listing is for the the kit so you can make the bear ONLY.

The Pattern Design

This is one of my earlier makes that as a young teenager I designed the templates and sewed with my mom but never wrote the pattern until now. Now it’s just a basic bear like many others but it’s made in a different way and uses a stretch fabric. I’ve made the templates now in two sizes, a small 12-inch-high bear, and a large 16-inch- high bear. The bears have working joints for arms, legs and even the head. Maisie is named after a beautiful little lady whose mom I know via a sewing shopping channel here in the UK, and Milo is one of the names I would name a boy if I ever had my own child. There are going to be clothes added for these bears in the future, so watch this space. So, their adventures start now.

There is Fabric Kits in the shop with joints and eyes in both Large (which is this listing) or the Small bear at 12 inches tall etc

Here are the links

Size 12 inch Tall Bear:-

 This Kit once Finished the Bear size is-

12 inch Tall

What items are in the kit;-

20 inches by 31 inches Main Fabric (Velour) Either (pink/mint/Baby Blue/Baby Pink)

10 inches by 12 inches Contrast Fabric (Velour) White

4 inches by 4 inches Nose fabric (Shannon Fabric) Light Brown

4x 20mm Teddy Bear Joints

1x 35mm teddy Bear Joint

2x 9mm Safety Eyes (warning if making the bear for a child under the age of 3 years DO NOT use the safety eyes, sew on eyes using felt only)


Extras you will need to make these

Poly filling stuffing

Doll needle

Plastic Pellets (optional)

White fabric glue

Small amount of interfacing

Basic sewing kit


You can make to sell on a small scale from my patterns, however, if you wish to teach from any of my patterns please contact myself beforehand, as then we can come to an agreement.

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