Emi B Designs Standard Boxy Bag Tool

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This tool is great! Becky has been using hers for ages now, plus these latest ones are baby pink, which are Becky’s favourite colour. 

This is the ultimate bag making tool to have for making those boxy corner style bags. Emily the designer of these tools has taken the maths out of the boxy bag making, so sewing came more easier. 

This simple tool is used by you picking your base size, then match the cutout size to the corner of your fabric trace and cut,, it’s simple as that. 

The tool comes with full instructions on how to use it. 

Cut outs included on this tool

1 inch which will make a 2 inch width base

1.5 inch which will make a 3 inch width base

2 inch which will make a 4 inch width base

2.5 inch which will make a 5 inch width base