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This is for the digital download of The Mayfair bAG pattern by R.j.A.F.MAKES.

This Listing is NOT for the actual Bag. This Listing is for the digital format of the sewing pattern ONLY.

To be able to download, open and print the pattern, you will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your device. This is so when printing you get the correct sizes of the templates.

 The Pattern

This is a high-end style bag which is seen in most designer shops. The bag will carry everyday items in and has room for much more than just a wallet/purse. This Bag is heavily built around bag hardware. So, if your new to some of the hardware this pattern will should you step by step on how to install those pieces of hardware.


Useful Information

An easy to follow pattern with detailed instructions and lots of pictures. There is 28pages full of step by step instructions and photo's.

Finished bag sizes:

10- 1/4 inches H by 10- 1/2 inches W by 1-1/4 inches D

What items you will need to make this bag,

Fabrics and stabilizers- this is all depending on what you need to use for your type of fabric you are using. Refer to the list above to know that you have the right stabilizer for the type of fabric you are using. This list- What you will need are the amounts include all each type of stabilizers, please buy the correct stabilizer for the type of fabric you are using. When buying the full amount of the interfacing please bear in mind you may not need it all because of the type of fabric you are using.
½ metre Main Outer Fabric No.1 (this is for the main body etc pieces)
½ metre Main Outer Fabric No2 (this is for the straps, base etc etc)
NOTE: - If you want to make a bag of the same colour and not have two different fabrics or colours- your only need 1 metre of one fabric if 44 inches wide fabric or ¾ metre if the fabric is 53 inches wide of one fabric only.
 ¾ metre Lining Fabric (quilters weight cotton this will be best for this bag and will reduce the bulk in areas)
 2 metres of Medium Weight Iron On Interfacing
NOTE- Refer to fabric and stabilizer information list above for the stabilizer that is suited for your type of fabric
If you have to use Sew in Foam or Fusible Fleece, you still need 3-3/4 inches by 10 inches of Decovil Lite, this is for the base of the bag.
Buy one of the followings, depending on the type of fabric you are using
1 metre of SEW IN FOAM
1 metre of Single sided FUSIBLE FLEECE
¾ metre of DECOVIL LITE
The bag hardware this needed for this bag
4x Rectangular 1-inch-wide rings OR O-Snap Rings 1 inch
4x OR 8x Strap ends 1 Inch (you will for sure need 4 strap ends for the handle connector tabs, however you can use another 4 on the end of the handle once you’re on the final steps of the handles)
4x 1 inch Strap Keepers
1x No5 Zipper 14 inches with 1 pull                                                    Optional extras
1x No3 Zipper 10 inches with 1 zip pull                                            Chicago screws/ rivets
2x 20mm (¾ inch) D rings                                                                        Metal handmade tag
1x Metal Zip End                                                                    
4x 12mm or 15 mm Bag Feet
2x 1 inch Lobster Clasps                                                                                                                   
1x Adjustable slider 1 inch wide                                                                   
Plastic canvas bag Base
Extras needed: - wash away quilters double sided tape, duct tape and standard double-sided tape.



Please DO NOT share this pattern with anyone else its for your own personal use only.

You can make to sell on a small scale from my patterns, however, if you wish to teach from any of my patterns please contact myself beforehand, as then we can come to an agreement.

Why not join my Pattern Support Group on Facebook 'R.j.A.f.MAKES Becky Alexander-Frost Sewing Pattern Support Group'.

Please share your makes and photos within the group as I would love to see your creations.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is an instantly delivered digital download I am unable to offer any refunds. However, please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.