Becky's Art Portfolio



 This page is all about Becky's Art Journey. Becky is now back at art school (part-time) learning new creative techniques to bring to RJAF MAKES. She is hoping that over time she will bring out designs which will run along side her sewing patterns and sewing business. 

Becky has always had a pencil in her hand since she was a young child drawing cartoon for her parents. Art and sewing have always been Becky's passion and she is hoping to bring these passions together to make things you the customer can enjoy in your own home.

This portfolio is a small look into Becky's journey while she is studying at art school and some of her latest work. 


Becky will also be taking pet commissions on the side and this will open up very soon. We are also working on some fabric designs through the year to release, so you can sew together to make your own things at home. RJAF MAKES will also be selling Becky's art work on home-ware as well as other stuff. This part will run along side the sewing business.