On-Line Sewing School Classes and Courses

Becky and her team have created some on-line classes, where they are either live zoom classes or pre-recorded videos (which you get the link to a private access area to watch the courses video/videos). These courses will either be projects, or where you can learn to sew, or learn a specific sewing technique within the sewing world.

All live classes are recorded and then uploaded to the private access area which only you can access. All live classes are uploaded after the live class, within 48 hours. Then you can re-watch the class over and over again. 

You will get links to the pre-recorded classes and all the other links for your course via an email. These links are sent according to the course plan, so please read the course on when and how things happen for that course.

You will find up and coming one off classes and full courses listed below.

Please note this is not the monthly subscription club (Fred's Gang). These are one off classes or one off courses only.


  • We hold the right to remove anyone from a live class if they misbehave.
  • All live classes are recorded as then you and your fellow students can watch them back after the class (once uploaded within the 48 hours).
  • Please do not share any of the links that are issued to you, these are private and for you and R.j.A.f.MAKES class customers only. Please do not share the patterns that may be issued on your class/course and please DO NOT teach any of the patterns/courses Becky and her team have designed. R.j.A.f.MAKES holds all the rights to any course/class plus patterns issued. We will take action where needs fit if we find you're doing any of the above.

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