New Website and Why!

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New Website and Why!

Hey everyone!
Becky Here!
Hope your all well?
Well its here the New website! There are bits missing but the more i do over time, the better the website will become.
I will be asking over the next coming months what I'm missing from the website to help you out as sewers. I want this website to be a good experience for you to learn and enjoy your travels around this site.
I do have plans too add a section within the website for where to buy items if i don't hold it in stock. I will also be doing monthly written tutorials and 'how to' blogs, so you can learn new things. These may run alongside a video on YouTube, or maybe not. I'm just trying to make life easy and make sewing a therapy for you. It's me basically taking the stress out of you really.
I really want you as customers, to input into this website. So I create it around you as well as my shop, etc.
So, this is a short introduction on what is to come and how you can help me with this new website.
Let me know so far what you think of the site. I would love to hear what you think of it and how it looks.
Next Blog post will be an awesome inspiring blog post from one of the other Facebook Pattern Support Admin Team Members (COMING SOON).
Just remember to Just SEW Happy everyone!
Love ya



  • Anne

    I’m looking for you pattern for medical bags…

  • Maureen Pinwill

    Congratulations to you Becky and your admins for creating such an ergonomic website. YIPPEE!

    Very excited to see such a lovely website where we can eventually find things all together in a single place. The products already there are fantastic and I am happy to purchase from you and to support you as you support us so well.

  • Fiona Byrne

    So lovely to see your own website. I look forward to seeing all your exciting plans coming to fruition….. enjoy the ride xxx

  • Lynne tuitt

    Fantastic website Becky, wishing you every success which you truly deserve 💕🍀🎊

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