Kid's Take Over Week 1

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Kid's Take Over Week 1

This blog was written by The Kids of R.j.A.f.MAKES and thank you Helen AKA Princess (admin) for putting all the links together in one place for them to pick.

Hey Everyone I'm going to pass the blog over to my amazing Step kids for the next 2 weeks. They Help me most weekends along side my husband with the brand, so, we thought why not let them take over blog for a short period and if you want more let us know. Any way its time i past the computer over to them. I just have one thing to say kids Be Good



Hey I'm Ethan (that's the cool dude in the photo above) and the strange thing next to me is Curtis.

 So, did you know Becky has done a wide range of Free Tutorials and Sewing patterns. So over the next 2 weeks we are going to refresh you or introduce you to all these wonderful makes you can do and guess what all these have a video each, Plus these are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Week one - Free Pattern and Video tutorials. OUR TOP 5

Week two- Hints and Tip and knowing How to Do.

This week's blog is all about the FREE sewing pattern and video tutorials by R.j.A.f.MAKES. So lets begin with the top ones we have picked from Helen's list.

No.1 So Our best one and its what we use as our iPad cases and drawing kits. That is The Handy Dandy Art Case Set.

The Free Pattern can be downloaded from The pattern support group over on Facebook and there is a really awesome video to sew along side it. Your learn Zips, pockets, and some other sewing stuff.  Sorry that's my brothers words for things lol.

 Click here for the video

No.2 Tool Wallet Book Case, Mom is looking a tad bit younger in these videos. However the book thing looks good. Now Princess has said it's for like EPP (I'm not sure what that is but sounds fun and will have to ask mom later).

So this is over a two part sew along video and mom is sitting at the old machine, so this must be a really early old one (or in the old days as she is old). So please find the two links for this and we watched it before we picked which are our top 5 FREEEEEEEEEBBBBIIIEEEEEEEE's and she says all the measurements are on a blog which is linked under the video description over on YouTube

Video one is Part one of The Tool Wallet Book Case

Click here for Part One

Video two is Part TWO of The Tool Wallet Book Case

Click here for Part Two

I'm sorry Mom but why the MONKEY FACE lol

No3. Everyone needs happy things in life. So, here is The Happy Pouch

It's a small case to carry things in. I like the music in this video too. But NOT MOM'S SINGING

This one is a Free Download template thing you can download from the YouTube Description which is under the video. This one actually looks easy to make too ,

Click here for the Happy Pouch Sew along video and templates are found in the YouTube Description

No4. The Super Tiny Case ( That Case she is holding at the start is NO WAY TINY but i hear mom say there is 2 sizes)

There is templates for this sew along and mom just said they are in the Facebook group (R.j.A.f.MAKES Pattern Support Group)

Click here for the YouTube sew along

No.5 The Elegant Clutch Bag This is for those who like a bow. You will find the Pattern as a digital download over on the website WWW.RJAFMAKES.COM and is a pattern with a few bags within it. There is a Free download but we know there is also a paper pattern for this pattern, as we have packed it up in orders in the past.

Here is the Video to sew along to the Elegant Clutch Bag but there is a few tutorials on YouTube for this pattern on Mom's Channel

So, that is this weeks take over by me and Curtis. We Know mom has a lot of videos and most of them have a Free pattern or templates.

Mom also has a lot of pattern that she sells on the website which every pattern has a sew along video to go along side them.

Mom is working on bringing you more than bags starting soon and we are so looking forward to seeing what mom is bringing next.

Thanks for reading the blog and speak soon

E & C

(The cool dude and the strange one)


  • Andrea

    Loved this blog, boys you’ve picked some really good projects there. When are you going to have a go making some of them?? Keep up the good work, you do some fantastic packing!!

  • Ven

    Great first blog boys, it’s so nice that you help out, what role models 😊

  • Lucy Goldie

    Really enjoyed reading that well done. Id enjoy reading ur blogs more often! Well done was great Thanks e & c 😀

  • Sue Hedges

    Well done and thanks for reminder of the great ‘sewing stuff’ that Becky makes she is brilliant but you know that 👍

  • Ann Wilson

    Well done Guys. Can you find a link for finding 48 hours in a day so I can make them all?

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