It's the Final Week of Kids Take Over

It's the Final Week of Kids Take Over

This blog was written by The Kids of R.j.A.f.MAKES and thank you Helen AKA Princess (admin) for putting all the links together in one place for them to pick.

Hey Everyone I'm going to pass the blog over to my amazing Step kids for the next 2 weeks. They Help me most weekends along side my husband with the brand, so, we thought why not let them take over blog for a short period and if you want more let us know. Any way its time i past the computer over to them. I just have one thing to say kids Be Good



Yay It's the last week we  take over the blog.

We want to say a massive thank you for all the comments on the last blog we have read them all and love everyone of them.

Once again I'm Ethan (that's the cool kid in the photo above and the devil child that's my brother Curtis, he says HI)


Now this week we are just going to highlight a few things that is happening with R.j.A.f.MAKES and some free tutorials on how to make etc via The many places Becky''s posts (shsss don't tell her i said this but she posts a lot on social media lol)


Starting off did you know Becky Has a few new patterns out at the moment

There is The Queeny Bag Set

Then there is The Octavia Wallet

If you click on the images they are linked to the shop where the digital downloads are kept.


OK enough of that lets get a move on and let talk about the free stuff lol


Well our 1st one is Kam Snap Tutorial

Well i didn't even know they were called Kam Snaps, I honestly thought they were plastic buttons but what do i know.

So we only see Becky's jazz hands in this tutorial but she explains how to install one of these on fabric using tools from her shop.

Click her to view the video


Our 2nd one we liked was

Is the Crossbody Shoulder Pad

Can i just Say Becky if your reading this can you make me one for my cadets bag please (BUT NOT PINK)

I like this one tutorial, as she shows you have to make the pattern from scratch, by drawing lines on paper then you cut the paper out , then cut out the fabric. It's an inside on how to design something.

To watch this video click here

Our last one and i love this one. It's all about interfacing.

I personally look after this section of the business, i keep an eye on if we are running low and let Becky know if we need more and add it to the order

I didn't know what it was when Becky gave me that section to look after until she explained one day what and how you use it. All i can say and Becky repeated this a lot in the conversation. If your wanting your bags to look like they are the next level and look like they are from a shop, then buy the correct interfacing/ foamy stuff to give it that look like it's shop brought.

Click here for the interfacing and stabiliser video


So this week is short week as we are off to ice hockey in a bit.

But i can honestly say have a good look at Becky's YouTube channel. She has well over 80 odd videos on the channel and loads of factual tutorials .


Have a great day sewing everyone and maybe we will be back in the future.

E and C



  • Julie hill-Smith

    Love your recommendations, thank you gentlemen. The Octavia wallet is my current favourite so I had better get my order in and get stitching. J xx

  • Pauline Fitzgerald

    Absolutely brilliant blog Boys, shame this is your last one. I hope you step in again to help Becky with the blogs, as you make them so interesting.❤❤❤

  • Jacqui

    Well done again to Becky’s boys, for another excellent blog 🥳 Am hoping that these are the first of many and you get to take over the blog full-time 💙

  • Lily

    Another epic post guys!!! I’m with you on the Shoulder Pad!! That tutorial and pattern is honestly being used for every bag I make, so handy and a great way to add a pop of colour/print if you have a more tame strap too! Also… why don’t you get Becky to show you how to make your own shoulder pads? 😉 could be another good blog post in the making there!!

  • Lynda Evans

    Well done you two lads!
    Thanks for all the inside info and for being such a great help to Becky.
    Brilliant blogs! Xx

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