Bird Panel Quilt Along Week 1

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Bird Panel Quilt Along Week 1

Quilt Sew Along Week 1
Hey everyone it's week one of a 5 blog post series. This will run over a 10 week process from start to finish of a making a quilt using my art panels of bird drawing i have done over the years.
Each blog post will have a mini sew along video, to see how everything is sewn together.
This is what the Quilt top will look like once finished
So here is what you will need for the quilt top and quilt backing. Yes this is going to be a double sided quilt once we have finished.
(For now i am only mentioning what you will need for the quilt top, quilt backing and the binding of the quilt. The extras i.e batting/ wadding will be mention on the 2nd from last blog post, so for any beginners who want to make this won't get confused)
What you will need for the quilt top, quilt backing and quilt binding.
6x Large bird images off the bird panels or large panel
6x Small bird images off the bird panels or large panel
2 Metres of main fabric No.1 (this is the mild grey on the quilt top)
3 Metres of main fabric No.2 (this is the white on the backing of the quilt)
1 Metre of Contrast Fabric (this is the small blue squares and the Quilt binding)
All the fabric i have used in this quilt along is quilters weight 100% cotton fabric and the WOF (width of fabric, salvage to salvage measure 44inches wide)
Before i cut any of the fabric i pre shrink all my fabric. How i do this, i spray starch on all of the above pieces of fabric and using stream, set my iron to just over medium heat temp and press the fabric. Doing this will shrink the fabric and will not mess around with your measurements when you have to press your quilt blocks etc.
Label all the pieces as i have listed in each cutting out section on each blog post.
For cutting out i advise you to use a cutting mat, a rotary blade cutter and a good size quilting rule with inch measurements on.
Other than starch and the things i have listed for cutting out, i also use a 1/4 inch foot on my sewing machine, an iron and wool pressing mat (just a pressing mat or ironing board is needed), a size 90/14 sewing needle for my machine and i use Aurfil 40wt cotton thread.
So in this weeks blog post we are going to make Row 1 and Row 3 as these are similar  to make.  Row 2 will be made along side completing the quilt top in week 3 (blog post 2)
There is many videos on YouTube showing you how to use a rotary cutter and how to fold your fabric ready for cutting your fabric for your quilt blocks. So if your new to cutting out fabric for quilting please find a video over on YouTube to help you through this, or message me and i will find you a good video to watch.
Cutting out Row 1 and Row 3
Cut 4x Large Bird Images from the bird panels cut at 15" W by 16" H  (your don't have to use the same bird blocks as i have used in this order, you choose which order you like them to appear on the finish quilt)
Cut 2x Small Bird Images from the bird panels cut at 9" W by10"H
Cut 4x Fabric (Piece A) cut at 4" by 16" Cut using Main Outer No1. Fabric
Cut 4x Fabric (Piece B) cut at 3-3/4" by 21-1/2" cut using Main Outer No1. Fabric
Cut 8x Fabric (Piece C) cut at 2-1/2" by 10" cut using Main Outer No1. Fabric
Cut 8x Fabric (Piece D) cut at 2-1/2" by 4-3/4" cut using Main Outer No1. Fabric
Cut 4x Fabric (Piece E) cut 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" cut using Contrast Fabric
Cut 3x Fabric (Piece F) Cut 4" by WOF (Width Of Fabric making sure it measures 44 inches salvage to salvage)
Any left over fabric put to rest of the contrast fabric to one side for the Back of the quilt and binding.
Here is what finished Row 1 will look like
Now lets look at where the cutting out pieces of fabric will go for Row 1
In the video i refer back to a centre block, where the small image, of the bird will be with the B,C,D,E pieces of fabric. In the video i ask you to lay your fabric pieces as seen here and i call this the centre section or centre bird block. Use this image as your reference.
Make sure you lay the fabric this way or you centre block will not fit the two outer large bird image blocks.
Now lets look at row 3
Your notice the fabric F piece has now moved to the opposite side and is now not at the top but the bottom of the complete row of bird blocks.
This is how all the fabric pieces should look like on row 3
Using how to sew Row 1 use the same techniques for Row 3 but this time add the F piece on the bottom, as seen as the above image.
To sew along with me and get a few tips and hints along the way, here is the link of the short video i have filmed for these two rows.
Now we have sewn both of these Rows you are ready for Row 2 and completing the quilt top and this will be shown in the next blog post in two Sundays time the 24th Oct 2021
If you are wanting to join in on this quilt along and need the bird panels please contact me, as I'm in the process of setting up a pre order soon for just the bird panels and some up and coming fabric designed by me.
keep sewing everyone and smile when your sewing as sewing is meant to be fun
Happy sewing

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