A New Sew Along Starting on Sunday 25Th Oct 2020 For everyone to join in

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Hey Hey!
So most of you know there is a Brand new Pattern just been released and guess what? The digital Download is completely Free. YES FREE!!!
Click on this image for the Free Digital Download Pattern.
There are 4 bags to make in this pattern. We will do 4 Facebook Live Sew Alongs within the general pattern support group. Click Here for the group. So if your New and want to join in, join the group today.
This is the 1st bag we will be making from the pattern. It's the easiest of the 4 bags and the one that will make you learn and prepare for the other bags.

The 1st Live Sew along is at 2.30 noon on the 25th Oct 2020 within the pattern support group.

 Now New in stock are these amazing Cat Magnetic Closures and i wanted to see what it would be like on this bag and OH WOW I'm in love.

Now this Snap is not mentioned in the Pattern, so here is a mini step by step on how to add this to the bag.
So working on The Stylish Clutch Pattern within the pattern
When Cutting out DO NOT CUT the D-ring closure and the Wrap around strap closure. These will not be needed for to a the Cat Magnetic snap version. Then Cut the other parts are normal.
So now you've Cut the parts needed and prepared as normal jump straight to step 15 in The Stylish Clutch Pattern
So you make the flap like in step 15,
and then you do step 16.
So now we are coming into step 17. But before you get to step 17 we need to install the Cat magnetic snap part to the flap.
Follow these next photos and statements to help you install it.
So 1st of all take apart the cat part of the Magnetic snap
Find the Center of the flap and pop a pin in, but make sure if your using PU Leather only stick the pin in the fleece and lining fabric , NOT THE PU LEATHER
Pop the flatter side of the snap onto the flap like this. Now the 4 holes in the 4 corners you need to make some marks onto your flap
Now feed the male part of the snap through the flap part of the cat .
Flip it over and bend the prongs over like in the photo
Now with a Prym Pliers Setting tool ( here is the link to one in my shop). Punch out the holes where the 4 marks you've made. Make sure it punches through all the layers.
From the RS of the flap pop the front of the cat on the area where the holes are punched, then flip the flap over so you can add the cat flat side of the snap over the punched holes. Pop the screws in and tighten up. (here is a tip use a little bit of HT2 glue link here to the glue in my shop, in those screw areas just before you pop the screws in then tighten them up. It just means this cat isn't moving anywhere)
OK so now we have half of it attached to the bag. Carry on from step 17 all the way to the end of step 29.
This is where the other part of the snap will come in to effect.
Follow these photos and steps to know how to install the rest of the snap.
Stuff the bag out with something, i used bubble wrap. This will help us know how thick it will become when we fill it up with our going out stuff or everyday stuff.
Now flip the flap like its closed and the bag flap sits on the front main body. Using a quilters rule make sure its level and straight where the cat has landed, you just don't want the cat wonky.
Using a pen mark on the main body front where the male part of the magnetic snap falls.
Now with the washer of the snap, place this over the mark you have just made and then mark the two slits, then remover the washer.
Pull the lining from inside the bag out the top of the bag, (still at this stage the lining should still be open, so you can get your hand inside.
Using your hand put that through the turning gap of the lining so it supports the inner side of where those marks are. Now using something to cut those marks cut the 2 slits but only cut the marks, DO NOT cut them any bigger.
Getting the female part of the snap, feed the prongs from the RS of the main body through to the WS of bag
On the WS, Place the washer over the prongs and the close the prongs up.
Now you can carry on with the pattern from step 30 closing the lining up.
So what do you think? Has it given the bag another look?
Comment below.
Once again don't forget the sew along starts Sunday afternoon 25th Oct 2020  details are at the start of the blog.
Happy Sewing everyone.

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    I’m going to make the classy bag clutch, do you have a video to go with this pattern please. Sorry didn’t see this in time for your blog today. Regards Carol

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    Becky you make your instructions so easy to follow. You have kept us all going since I saw you on SQ. I have increased my skills thanks to u. My granddaughter had the pink pu organiser pouch which I put mask etc in for her birthday today ( with some money) and she said it was beautiful.

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