Triple Pack Value Pack of Puppy Dog in 2 sizesHoop size designs 4x4, 7x5 and 6x10

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This is for the triple pack of the same design but in 3 sizes

Number of stitches

Are different for each design starting from 14250 to 22264

Colour changes


File Types


About the product

Becky drew this puppy from one of the puppy dogs that go for walks in our home town. Beckys in love with her and she is called KIM

Tips and Hints about the design

As this is a detailed piece Becky personally found using 2 pieces of cut away stabilizer worked best.

Colour change charts included.

This is an instant digital download of all files listed above.

You will need to extract all designs and colour change charts via a zip undo software.

If you have any problems with the files please message the shop

You may make items to sell from my designs (on a small scale), however the designs can not be sold on or shared with anyone else.