Heavy Duty Thick Waterproof Canvas For Outer Main Fabric ONLY 600grams weight SOLD 1/2 Metre

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Width of fabric- 150 cm

1 unit = 1/2 metre

2 units = 1 metre

3 units = 1-1/2 metres

4 units = 2 metres

if your order 4 units it will come as a 2 metre length

Fabric Type- Cordura- Polyester- waterproof

Suitable for Outdoor cushions & furniture, tents and more

Features easy to cut and sew


  • This fabric will come folded, if paying for normal postage. If you wish to buy it rolled, you need to contact us and we will work out the postage by length and weight, but the fabric will still have a centre fold as this is how it comes to us from the manufactures.
  • DO NOT use an iron on this fabric as it's plastic and it will melt
  • This fabric will not need interfacing or any heavy stabilizer ie fleece or foam as it hold its structure by itself
  • As this is thick and the weight is a heavy fabric, only use this for outer fabric only (NOT FOR BAG LININGS)
  • if using canvas for a bag and you find you have creases in the canvas i used a hair dry on the hottest setting and warm up the area and finger smooth out.
  • erWe have made 2 bags using this fabric now, Becky used a walking foot and a size 14 needle. Becky also only used interfacing on the bag lining as it was quilters weight cotton lining, that's all Becky used for the structure of the bag in the photo and there is nothing inside the bag either and its standing up by itself DO NOT interfacing or use heavy stabilizer on the waterproof canvas

Bag pattern will be out later on in the year